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We went to Dubai. First we came from Tirupathi to Chennai in a train.  Then we got our luggage and went to the airport.  We were at terminal three . When we landed   at the airport we waited for Krithiga atthai and athimber when they came I was very excited to see them. When we got out of the airport we got into their car. Then Krithiga atthai gave me a chocolate and it  was very tasty  and yummy when we went home Mukil anna was waiting for me I also saw my grandmother I was very happy to see her then  I ran and hugged her then we went to bed because it was night  time when we reached.  In the morning my Mukil anna went to school. By the time he came back ,I started to do my homework. When I finished my homework I was so happy to be free.

After a few days we went to Dubai mall we went in a metro train. When we reached Dubai mall we went inside.  When we went inside Dubai mall we saw an aquarium. There were lots of different of kinds of fishes like stingrays, peacock fishes and etc. There were sharks too and can you believe it? The sharks did not even eat the fish! There was a lift so we could see the fish even closer if you go in the lift you get to swim in the aquarium for one hour which is equivalent of sixty minutes.  I was able to take a lot of videos because I both  my camera. Then we saw a shop. In the shop we saw a crocodile its head and tail was moving I recorded that with my camera.  Then we saw another crocodile Krithiga atthai took a picture of me putting my hand in its mouth. Then we saw a dancing fountain.  There was a huge line. When the fountain came my dad carried me to take a video of it.  The dancing fountain was very beautiful it even had a little bit of music so I called it the musical dancing fountain.   After a while athimber came.  Then we went back home.  We had dinner and slept.

After some days we went to Gurudyara in Gurudyara they worshiped a book called Guru Granda Sahip. Then we heard Bajans.  After that we had some sweet. After that we had prashadam.  Then we came back home it was nighttime so we just slept.

After a few days we went on another trip and that was Dubai marina.  We had a small walk around Dubai marina. Then we saw some ships.  After that we saw burning fire.  People were exercising and some of them were even skateboarding.

After some days we went on another trip with was garden glow. There were lots of lights over there.   There were also palm trees which lighted up we saw a clown, Spider Man and a cup full of roses .Then we saw fairyland there was a secret way to get inside I knew it at the very end I took a picture of fairyland. Then we were going to a dinosaur area on the way we saw a talking tree the tree would repeat whatever you say when it blinked  its eye! Then we went to the dinosaur area the dinosaurs eye blinked and the dinosaurs’ tail and it roared.  At 9.45 we watched a dinosaur dance my Mukil anna almost gave me to the dinosaur.  Then we saw some ants.  They sure were working hard. Then we saw some pandas then we crossed a bridge.  Then we saw some tigers and tiger cubs. The tiger cubs were very cute.  Then we went to fairyland there we saw some dance this was the part I was telling you that I found the secret pathway to come inside fairyland when the dance was over we went to a restraint and had some food and slept.

In Dubai we went to restaurants I had different kind of food like mango juice, gulabjamun kalkand, dosa, puri and etc. Then we went to satsanges. The satsanges were on every Friday. A satang is when you go to someone’s home and pray you also sing songs, have food and play.  Because we went to satsanges I made lots of new friends their names were Samuta, Avantika, Ashurta, Akshaya and Anushuka.

Krithiga atthai was teaching two kids their names were Samruth and shraya I loved the tuition and do you know they are brother and sister   .

One day we one day we went to a shop called spinneys they was a playground over there too.  At the playground I saw two children their names were Joy and Sum after a few days I even saw Samruth and Shraya.          


After a few days we went to Anushukas and Akshayas home. I had lots of fun at their home.  Over there I played on the scooter then we ate food. After that I Akshaya and Anushuka watched peppa pig.  Then we went back to our home.

After a few days we went to Avantika’s home. Then we gave Avantika a school bag.  Then I played a bike. After that I played with a special slate witch was erasable. when  we had lunch me and Avantika watched nursery rimes.  Then Krithiga put me powder and combed me and Avantika in the same hair style. Then annu anty gave me some gifts. Then we left their home and came back to our home.Whenever we played chess or scrabble or Mukil anna always wins.

After few days we went for Desert Drive. We have lot of fun and had dinner and watched lot of dances. Me, My mom, dad and Mukhil anna went .We had fun with scooter ride and camel ride.

After a few days we left.  .  When we left I was very sad to leave Krithiga atthai, athimber and Mukil anna.Before we left Mukil anna and I played catan with was also called Dungeons and dragons.

and do you know why I was sad to leave Dubai? I was sad to leave Dubai because I would miss Krithiga atthai, athimber and Mukil anna. The flight we were going was Air India.

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