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It was lots of fun at the Ontario science center.  When we went there it was raining. I was playing in the rain without listening to my mom. First we went in and saw how wind could move stuff.  We did that by putting a piece of paper into a type of bottle when the wind entered the bottle the paper flew up. Then we took the nature walk.  We thought we saw a river but it was actually a mirage.  Then we went to the I max movie theater.  There we saw people climbing mountains.  They were the Native Americans.  We loved the movie.  The best part was when the Native Americans were climbing the mountains we felt like we were climbing the mountains too.  Then we went out of the I max movie theater. After we went out of the I max Movie Theater we brought something to eat.  After we finished eating we drank some water and juice. After that we saw what our lungs do when we breathe in and out they expand and contract.  Then we stood on something it spun around and around. That was lots of fun.  Then we saw animals like a calf with two heads ,two donkeys with one head ,hens with four legs, chickens with six toes etc.  I felt really sad for those animals.  My mother said it was because their Genes were wrong they were like that they were like that and that they could not live for very long if they were like that. Then we had a walk through the rain forest.   It was so beautiful with lots and lots of trees.  Then we went back inside and saw how many l of water we had in our body.  I only have nineteen l of water because I am only twenty six kg.  Then we saw our skeleton.  It was great. Then we saw people made out of coins, candies, stamps, and keyboard letters.  It was so cool.  Then we saw insets made out of hair like grasshoppers and beetles.  Then we saw habitats of other animals.  A cobra’s habitat was the rain forest and a tree frogs habitat was a tree.  We also saw some lizards that could climb on walls.  We saw what happens if we jump in water.   It makes a sound called ripple.  Then we played something in which you grab the scrub and slide it down.  In that we learned if anything is shaped like a rectangle it will slide down that thing.  That was really neat.  Then we saw people who put long chains on their neck and because they did that they got neck problems.  Then we exercised by peddling really fast to make electricity for the lights to come on.  We also lifted six kg of weights.   Then we on something to balance our weights.  Then we went and saw a mirror.  When we pressed one button on the mirror we became fatter and when we pressed another button on the mirror we became thinner.   The mirror was doing it as if it was magic.  It was also really funny. Then we saw two telescopes in one we saw n unicorn on top of the earth and in the other one we saw an owl on the spoon.  Then we saw other animal skeletons by using a magnifying glass.  Then we went out of the science center and walked on a bridge.  When we finished walking on the bridge we saw a beautiful waterfall. Then we came inside and went back outside again.  This time we saw flowers growing on top of coke bottles.  That was really cool.  On top was a hotel but we did not go there.  Then we went back in.  When we went in we played a game in which you climb up walk on a glass and climb back down again.  Then we held onto something that made electricity.  Then we pressed a few buttons that made a bicycles light come on.  Then we pressed few more buttons that made two carts move.  After we did that we went back home.  When we were coming it was really windy that the tissue box on the back flew out of Kalpana aunt’s window  We all laughed because that was really funny. we had a great ride to the science center ,home and a fantastic time at the science fair.

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