Canada Day Celebration in Chinguacousy Park

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Our family went to Chinguacousy park for Canada day Celebration. We went in a car After a while we reached Chinguacousy park.  My dad and mom told me and my grandmother to get down and they went and parked the car and came.  We saw a dog carrying a balloon with a maple leaf! It was cool to see  on our way to the park.

My dad brought a chair and my Grandmother sat on it.  Then we looked for the rides, games and tickets for the rides.  First we went on an elephant ride and dad took picture.  Elephant ride Jumping Jumbos went up and down and round and round. I had fun and waved my hands to my Dad.

Then we went for tattoos.  The line was so big, my mom had to almost stand in line for one and half hours to make sure I get the tattoo. I had a pretty beautiful rainbow color angel tattoo and she even had  wings. It looked like a real angle. My mom had a pretty butterfly as a tattoo and dad took pictures.

Next we went to Disney Dragon. I sat with my friends as it started to spin and went round and round and forward and backward. Some time I even started to get dizzy.  Some time the dragon stopped spinning and we can watch other dragons spin and my dad took pictures of us.

After this, we went to fun house and rang the bell and scattered next and walked through the sticks and were spinning in a spinning round. We lied down in a wheel and moved our bodies and crawled through the spinning wheel and got out as my dad was taking pictures.  After enjoying in the Marie go round, my dad and I went on the Cobra coaster and were screaming like crazy.

By this time, my mom got me a cotton candy. The pink cotton candy was so huge and delicious to eat. My dad and mom then showed four games. They were bag picking, balloon buster, duck catching  and dolphin catching. I won the dolphin catching game and got two beautiful toys.

Before we watched fire crackers, I played with sand and mud and built a big mountain.  As the fire crackers  started, they came behind me. One of the cracker kissed my cheek while falling down.  The fire crackers were colorful and some came like a rain and some fire crackers came like a hot air balloon without the basket.  At this time we were running backwards as the crackers were almost falling on our head.

As firework finished, we went out of the park and told my mom and grandmother to wait on a bench outside the park.  My dad and I walked and talked  till we reached  the car parking and  then got in to the car  and came back and picked my mom and grandmother and started going back home.

I told my grandmother thanks because, even though she was sick she came to see me enjoying the whole day and having fun till the mid night. I slept in the car and my dad carried and put me on the bed.

The celebration was so big and there were thousands and thousands of people and many stalls for all to eat, and games to play and have fun.  It was lots of fun and memorable.

PN:- This article got published in South Asian Observer and you can also enjoy  the print version in Published Articles pages 🙂