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ISKCON’s Festival Of India Function in Centre Island

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We went to Centre Island on July 19th in our car. My Bike and Helmet were kept in the truck and dad put a knot to the bike to secure. Dad told me and my grandmother to get down from the car after reaching Center Island Ferry place. Then he took my bike and helmet from the trunk and told me not to ride the bike and be good and stay with my grandmother. And told me to take care of his back pack. Then my dad and mom went and parked the car in a parking lot.

In the mean time we saw a pigeon and it had come to drink water and eat food then it flew away. Then after five minutes two birds came and one was black and heavy and the second one was black and thin and small.  They were beautiful to see and they played tag and sat for some time and left the place. Then we saw a puddle and a reflection of a building in the puddle.  After few minutes my mom and dad came and I ran to them.

Next we took the bike and put my helmet and rode the bike. We reached the place to buy the tickets for the ferry. We stood in the line for five minutes and got the tickets. Then I was told it is no biking zone, so I pushed the bike and reached the ferry and then we sat for a while with the bike and watched the ship sailing, then my dad told lets go upstairs and watch and guess what, I made a new friend when we went upstairs, it was a dog .I petted the dog and he licked my hand. After the ferry was stopped, I pushed the bike out and we reached the center island.

Next we went to Festival of India and it was Krishna’s tent and after coming there only we came to know what is going on there and what else to do. We saw the life cycle of a human. We are born as babies, then become child then a teenager and grow up to an adult and then become old and die and become a skeleton.

We went to buy tickets for the rides and my dad bought tickets and I was riding my bike all along the park. First ride was Swan ride and I and my dad worn life jackets and I loved the most because my dad was with me and he took me in a long route and soon it was time to come back We removed the life jackets and gave it to person there and I ran to my mom and she was holding my bike.

DSC_0632 DSC_0625

Then we dropped the bike with my grand mom and she was sitting in a bench. I, my mom and dad went to next ride and it was the fire station ride. I sat in the car and rang the bell  and ringing the bell means to say people that I’m coming and can you move please, and went two times in that ride. It was fun.

I rode my bike to the next ride it was a frog ladder ride. We have to wear a seat belt and it went up and down and sometimes stopped in the middle.  When it went up it was fun, but when it came down it was scary. We all shouted and finally it came to a stop. It was funny and scary ride.  My mom was holding my bike and waiting for me.

I rode my bike to the next ride which is the giant wheel ride. I sat on a ride and the person put a seat belt for me and a boy down of my seat screamed and his dad took him away then the Giant wheel started. It went up and when it came down it was scary and I shouted and the other thing amazing happened was when it was coming down it was higher than the trees. My dad was taking pictures of me. I saw a board saying Danger don’t rock the seat. But when it stopped my seat was rocking but I was giving poses for the photos. My dad was afraid that I may fall down and finally the giant wheel stopped. But as I was at the top I was waiting for the people at the bottom to get down then my seat came down and I ran down to my dad and mom. I rode my bike to the next ride. It was scary ferry ride, it was going in circles up and down and at different angles and I was the only one sitting in that ride and it was fun and scary.

After that my mom and gran mother were resting and my dad and I went to the other ride. I rode my bike. It was a Kitty boat ride and it was on water. We had a bell that said to the next boat excuse me; I’m coming can you please move. I rang the bell three times and it stopped.

I rode my bike to the next ride. It was a carousel .They had different kinds of animals. My dad was standing next to the horse and it took long time to start. After it started I was sad and my dad asked why. I told my dad because my horse was not jumping. Then he took me off my horse and put me on a jumping horse. I was happy and started to smile. After a while the ride stopped. We rode back to the place where mom and grandmother were sitting and we all again went to Krishna’s Tent. Mom and Dad stood in the line for Krishna Prasad (lunch) for us all and we finished our lunch that is served by ISCKON. Krishna Prasad tastes best always.


I rode my bike to Gopi dots tent. It was a big line and we stood for 30 minutes and finally I got the chance to get it and they put me and my mom a beautiful and pretty Gopi dots on the face. The colors were orange, pink, green, red and white, they showed me in a mirror and we were impressed. After that we visited the shops, yoga camp, dance and chanting shows and more tents of Festival of India. Then we all went and took some rest under a tree. After some time I was hungry so my mom and I went and got some water melon served by Krishna devotees and sat under big tree and ate.

Then I was riding my bike heading towards Franklin Park. We went over a bridge. Before that we saw a maze, so I stopped my bike and asked dad can we go and guess what dad told ‘YES’ and me and dad went to the maze and also played Hide and seek. On the way back I told dad that it is very hard maze, but said yes but when we went to aunt’s home in USA, they all went to a grownups scary corn maze and me, mom and aunty were at home only because I was not allowed He told in that maze people dress like ghosts and hide in the bushes and it have to do only at night and dark. The ghosts will be chasing us. Then I asked dad if it was real and he said yes. And finally we were out of the maze and I ran to my mom.

Took my bike and we all went to Franklin Park. In the Park we saw Franklin, Bear and Goose. When we reached the Goose area it was a big thunder storm and mom and grand mom sat in a shelter and we didn’t mind and climbed and rolled down a tree for fun. I made colorful turtle and its name was Franklin in the garden tent. It is very pretty and we were sitting in Franklin’s garden and we didn’t get drenched. We saw a plant maze and it was fun. After rain stopped, we saw Sam and Franklin and dad took a picture of me with them.

DSC_0641 DSC_0640DSC_0640 DSC_0641

Mom got some time to eat and drink and we finished that and rode my bike to the beach. We all kept our feet in the water and it was icy water and came back and sat for a while then dad took me for some extra bike ride.

Next we went to a park and played and then to water splash and played a lot more. Mom dried me with a towel and changed my dress and gave more snacks to eat.  We went all the way on the bike to the line for the ferry and it was a long line and finally we went inside the ferry. I left my bike with my mom and grandmother and went to the top floor of the ferry with my dad and read a board saying ‘Welcome to Centre Island’. I saw the ferry sailor, the ocean moving and kids blowing bubbles was fun. After some time we reached the shore back and got out of the ferry and didn’t ride my bike as it was a no biking zone. After 6 minutes we reached the place where I can ride my bike and rode my bike till the parking lot. On the way a saw, a lady sitting like a statue and she was pretty. After sitting in the car we looked around and we all were happy and said ‘Bye Centre Island’ and after a long drive we reached home. We all had a lot of fun.

Rath Yatra of ISCKON Brampton

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In the RathYatra they had Idols of  Baladev, Subhadra and Jaganath. It was conducted by ISCKON Brampton in Chinguacousy Park on August 8th. It was from 11.oo am to 5.30 pm. It was lot of fun and I liked pulling the Rath .It started at Chinguacousy Park and ended at the center of the Park. Devotes were singing songs while pulling the Rath.  Some Gopis were dancing in front of the Rath. Some were sweeping the floor .People were giving Prasad at every stop and taking blessings of God. I also took the blessings from Baladev, Sudhadra and Jaganath. There were hundreds of people pulling the rath and enjoying.


They had different booths in the festival place and they were organized by ISKCON. They had booth for the book stall, gopi dots, Sunday school, temple and vegetarian feast. They had Kirtans, dance, flute, drums. My friends Anaka, Rohan, Praneel and Praneet came with their families to see my dance program. Some of our relatives who came from US also came to see the Rath Yatra and my dance.


I love eat Krishna Prasad. I ate Halwa, Kari, Rice with Sabji and Dokla. It was so..tasty. . Even though the Prasad line was long I got it without standing in the line because I was dancing like ‘Krishna’ the supreme God. I ate it fast as it was time to line up for my dance.

I dressed up as Krishna. I wore a doti, chains and necklace, bracelets, gopi dots and tilak and two peacock feathers, a beautiful garland and flute and did two dances. Every Sunday Morning and Afternoon we practiced the dance with my friends at ISKCON Brampton. We worked hard to give an excellent performance.


First was ‘Yosamati nandan’ I danced as Krishna with nine gopis. I did Rasa leela with the gopis as I came to the stage with my flute  and started to dance in a circle with them and as soon as the gopis got up I disappeared  from there and appeared in front of them. Then we danced Kaliya Mardan and I was dancing in the middle and gopis were dancing in a circle.

Second dance was ‘ I’m a devotee of Krishna’ with   three boys and two girls .And this I danced without my flute. This is a dance that tells what we have to follow to be a real devotee of Krishna.  Every one took Pictures with us and I had lot of fun and extremely excited.

I want to thank my dance teachers who taught me how to dance. And want to thank my mom, grandmother, prabhu ji and mataji for dressing me as Krishna and making this as one of the best Rath Yathra for me, our family and all our friends. Jai Shree Krishna.


Vaishnavi Dilipan

Grade 2 Student

H.F Loughin Public school

Teacher: Ms. Coats

Canada Day Celebration in Chinguacousy Park

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Our family went to Chinguacousy park for Canada day Celebration. We went in a car After a while we reached Chinguacousy park.  My dad and mom told me and my grandmother to get down and they went and parked the car and came.  We saw a dog carrying a balloon with a maple leaf! It was cool to see  on our way to the park.

My dad brought a chair and my Grandmother sat on it.  Then we looked for the rides, games and tickets for the rides.  First we went on an elephant ride and dad took picture.  Elephant ride Jumping Jumbos went up and down and round and round. I had fun and waved my hands to my Dad.

Then we went for tattoos.  The line was so big, my mom had to almost stand in line for one and half hours to make sure I get the tattoo. I had a pretty beautiful rainbow color angel tattoo and she even had  wings. It looked like a real angle. My mom had a pretty butterfly as a tattoo and dad took pictures.

Next we went to Disney Dragon. I sat with my friends as it started to spin and went round and round and forward and backward. Some time I even started to get dizzy.  Some time the dragon stopped spinning and we can watch other dragons spin and my dad took pictures of us.

After this, we went to fun house and rang the bell and scattered next and walked through the sticks and were spinning in a spinning round. We lied down in a wheel and moved our bodies and crawled through the spinning wheel and got out as my dad was taking pictures.  After enjoying in the Marie go round, my dad and I went on the Cobra coaster and were screaming like crazy.

By this time, my mom got me a cotton candy. The pink cotton candy was so huge and delicious to eat. My dad and mom then showed four games. They were bag picking, balloon buster, duck catching  and dolphin catching. I won the dolphin catching game and got two beautiful toys.

Before we watched fire crackers, I played with sand and mud and built a big mountain.  As the fire crackers  started, they came behind me. One of the cracker kissed my cheek while falling down.  The fire crackers were colorful and some came like a rain and some fire crackers came like a hot air balloon without the basket.  At this time we were running backwards as the crackers were almost falling on our head.

As firework finished, we went out of the park and told my mom and grandmother to wait on a bench outside the park.  My dad and I walked and talked  till we reached  the car parking and  then got in to the car  and came back and picked my mom and grandmother and started going back home.

I told my grandmother thanks because, even though she was sick she came to see me enjoying the whole day and having fun till the mid night. I slept in the car and my dad carried and put me on the bed.

The celebration was so big and there were thousands and thousands of people and many stalls for all to eat, and games to play and have fun.  It was lots of fun and memorable.

PN:- This article got published in South Asian Observer and you can also enjoy  the print version in Published Articles pages 🙂


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Our  family went to the parade. First we stood in a line. After a while it was our turn and I correctly put the bean bags in the net  that had different shapes. I won a Tattoo !  We saw a big Dinosaur cave and we went inside it and next we saw a super man and my Dad took a picture with him.

Next we saw a magic show inside the Gage park. In the magic show the first trick we saw a hat inside of the that,  and then came a beautiful cloth. The next trick we saw was the joker, put the cloth down and then a shoe appeared .We all told that he removed his shoe.  He showed his foot, as we all told to show his other foot.  Then he showed us and the shoe was there too.  It was a magic trick.

              The next trick we saw was a bag, he asked “Alex” the lion to pick someone to check the bag.  He picked a girl. What we saw inside the bag was a beautiful and colorful cloth.  But the joker said there was nothing inside and the girl said yes and gave to the lion “Alex”.  Then he told the girl to check again. So she checked again and the joker said there was nothing.  But she took his under wear from the bag.  All of us laughed.  The joker tried to put it in to the bag but he couldn’t .  So he asked the girl to put the underwear in the bag and she did.  Joker asked to give hi-fi to him and the lion “Alex” and she did and we all the children were excited.

            The next trick we saw was the joker asking the lion “Alex” to pick someone who is brave and he did.  Joker said he has to test him and asked the boy if he is scared of Lion, Crocodile, Tiger and Ice cream.  We all laughed. Who in the world will be scared of Ice cream.  Boy answered “No” to all. Then he tied a scarf on him and he pulled it. He pulled two times the scarf didn’t come and third time it did.           

                 The next trick we saw was the joker asking the lion “Alex” to pick someone .So he did. The joker gave the girl a magic Wong. He had a coloring book in his hand. He told the Girl to shake the Wong. After the Wong was shook  and he told us to blow and after we blew then the  coloring book was  all colored. Next he told the Girl to shake the Wong again. So she did.  And he told us to blow, so we did it  and the pictures in the coloring book  were all erased. Next the joker told the girl to shake the Wong again and she did it and the joker told us to blow and so we did it and all the pictures in the coloring book appeared .Next we all did some Dancing moves with “Alex” and the joker.

                Next  we went to drawing place. There  kids were drawing. One Adult  saw me and gave me a big paper and then she wrapped it with a band around it. And also she gave me a string. From there we went to next booth and it was also a drawing place. I got a paper and made a spinning wheel with lot of glitters and drawings.

                   Next we went to huge slide and did the slide. First I was little bit afraid and after that it was exciting for me and then I stood in the line and  did the slide again. Then I did Rock wall climbing, but could climb only half the wall, but it was fun having all the Rock climbing equipment.  Next I played with Bean bags, Lemon and Spoon and then did have fun with another big slide and had a Freeze.

            After all the fun we had in the gage park ,we rushed to find a good place to sit and enjoy the parade. There we saw a table, two Suns, two hot air balloons, two flower pots walking. Then we saw a Mickey Mouse , Blue monster and he gave me a hi-fi. Then I saw lot of kids dancing and doing Marshall arts and we saw people doing Punjabi dance.  Next came  all the princess in a car .Then we saw people from ISCKON temple  dancing and chanting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. Then we saw a police car and Fire truck and an ambulance doing Parade, and the police gave me a Garland .I liked that. I saw soldiers marching and Finally a BIG COOKIE MONSTER came and it was too good to see that. After all the fun we came home with a beautiful pin from Brampton flower city.



                                                                                                                  Vaishnavi Dilipan

                                                                                                                 Grade 1,

                                                                                                                  H.F Loughlin  P.S    

PN:-  This article was published in “Asian Connection News Paper” and you will also able to see the printed version in Published Articles page.