I..Yellow Lilly and the Sun Flower

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One day Vaishnavi saw a yellow chicken  and said ‘wov’ this is a beautiful yellow chicken .And the chicken said please don’t call me yellow chicken, then I asked what should I call you and the chicken said you can call me ‘Yellow Lilly’ and  then I saw a beautiful flower and asked is that flower your friend? Then the flower said doesn’t call me flower and my name is Sun flower Then Yellow Lilly asked me what is my name because she didn’t want to call me as a pretty girl. So I told them that my name is ‘Vaishnavi’.

I asked them do you want to play with me and be my friend.  Sure said Yellow Lilly and Sun Flower. And I asked do you want to play a game and Yellow Lilly started thinking and Sun Flower said we will play Hide and Seek and we said OK and I said ‘Sky Blue Sky Blue everyone is out expect for you and guess what how to had to count and find others ? It was me.

I asked Sunflower, if I find her she will be out and she said no you have to find us and tag and I said can do it and I counted up to fifty and looked around and Sun flower because she pecked out and I ran and caught Sun flower and then Yellow Lilly jumped and said ‘Hooray Vaishnavi’’ and we played for a longtime.

I heard my dad calling my name and I said five minutes daddy and he said OK and then I opened my eyes looked around for Yellow Lilly and Sunflower and that is when I realized they came in my dream from  my scrapbook.

I was thinking if they will again come back and was doing my chores and waiting for the night I kept my scarp book next to my pillow and slept and guess what they came back again and I said thanks for coming and they said any night you keep the scrap book next to your pillow we will come and play till the morning. I woke up and told my family about the dream and from that day I was always excited to go to bed early and have a great night.

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