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We went to ABUDABI.  We went in a car. When we were in the car Krithiga  atthai showed me coin building she told me it was called coin building because it   looked like a coin. It was very colorful I even saw two or three bridges. Then Krithiga atthai showed me how to play tickles. In that game she just tickled me and I had to try not to laugh. We played that game for a while. Then Krithiga atthai showed me how to play punch .In that game I had to keep my lotus.  Then Krithiga atthai said few words with the word punch near them.  When she said catch punch I had to try to catch her hand.  We played that game for a few minutes.


When we got out of the car I took my camera. First we had to get the things scanned then we had to get ourselves scanned. Then we went inside a room .when we went inside that room there was a huge line.  It took a long time to reach the end of the line.  When we got to the end of the line we saw a lady.  Krithiga gave her National ID .The lady said no National ID give your driving license. Krithiga atthai said I don’t have a driving license. So she got athimber’s driving license.  grand mask chantilierShe gave it to the lady.  We went inside another room they gave my mom and Krithiga atthai a black dress.  They looked so similar with that dress and I could not recognize who was my mother and who was Krithiga atthai then we went back to the parking lot. Then we went inside the Grand mosque on the way we removed our sandals and went inside.  When we went inside I saw something on the celling designs on the carpet and on the windows, large marbles on the ground .grand mask chantilier front viewThen we saw multiple boxes of gold coins. Then we kept on walking for a while.  Then we saw some water that was very shallow. Then my mom and krithiga atthai had to go for some reason or the other so they left me with my dad and  athimber. I wanted to take a picture of a box.  So athimber taught me how to take a picture.  Then I took a picture of that box. Then my mom and Krithiga atthai came.  Then we looked at a large rock.  Then we went out of the Grand mosque. When went out we first saw four water fountains then we saw some stairs and water flowing from them! Then we went down the staircase there we saw lots and lots of water fountains. It was very beautiful .Then Krithiga atthhai took a video with me saying hello and answering few of her questions. Then we went back to the car


We were in Emirates Palace hotel. emrites hotel snowman christmus tree in emrites hotelThen we got out of the car. Then we walked for a while and we saw a man playing a piano.  Then we saw a machine which made gold bar, if you put money in it. I wanted to put a coin in it but unfortunately   it dint work. We kept walking for a while then I saw a beautiful rose covered with glass like a circle shape we were not allowed to go down so we just kept walking then we saw something more like it was for winter.  There was a snowman I stood next to the snowman .Then we went out of Emirates palace hotel.

Corniche Board Walk

Then we went to Corniche in Corniche we walked on a board.  There I saw backwaters .Then I played in the sand in the sand I made a sandcastle and a sand ball room.  It was so much fun walking on the board. I ran all over the board.it was so much fun playing in the sand.  My dad and I went near the water the other side of the other side of the bank was very colorful we saw a giant wheel and a hotel and a screen


Then we went to Anushka’s  and Akshya’s home .Then we climbed up the staircase and when we reached their home I stared to play on the scotia and I would have played on that scotia five or six times before I came out of their home. Then we watched Peppa pig and ate dinner at their home .While eating we watched Kanchana the ghost movie.  When we finished eating we watched Peppa pig again. Then I played with a baby dolly. Then I started to play in the patio again.  Then I played on a guitar.  Then Sarita aunty   gave me two chocolates and said one is for my brother Mukil  anna  and one is for me and then she gave me a fresh pack of pencil crayons .  Then we went out of their home.  Then we went inside the car. I was so tired that I Slept in car so my dad had to carry me home.

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