Raccoon under the Apple tree

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One day my dad saw the Raccoons eating the apples in our garden, and he called me and told Raccoons are eating our apples. I went out to the garden and was about scar them to go from there. Raccoon told me pl. don’t scar us, we are very hungry and we will only eat two apples and we will not eat not more than that. I said ‘yes’ and all of you are my friends. In fact all of you are so polite, respectful, and never say lies then they said thanks.
I asked them if I can serve you all two apples each daily. They happily said ok. After couple of weeks suddenly they stopped coming. One day my dad took me to zoo and when we were looking at the animals, I heard someone calling my name and when I turned guess whom I saw my friends the Raccoons. I was very happy to meet them and also was sad for them. I never thought I can meet them again. I looked for the zoo officer and found him and told him please release my friend Raccoons.
Then the zoo officer asked how did you know that they were your friends? I told they called me Vaishnavi Vaishnavi pl. help us .Then the officer said ok and released them, and said Thanks. Then I went with my dad out of the zoo and the Raccoons followed me.
I told them to stay in my garden and gave two apples each daily. They took care of my garden. We played a lot of games and make surprise beautiful birthday cards for our family and lived happily thereafter.

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