Rath Yatra of ISCKON Brampton

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In the RathYatra they had Idols of  Baladev, Subhadra and Jaganath. It was conducted by ISCKON Brampton in Chinguacousy Park on August 8th. It was from 11.oo am to 5.30 pm. It was lot of fun and I liked pulling the Rath .It started at Chinguacousy Park and ended at the center of the Park. Devotes were singing songs while pulling the Rath.  Some Gopis were dancing in front of the Rath. Some were sweeping the floor .People were giving Prasad at every stop and taking blessings of God. I also took the blessings from Baladev, Sudhadra and Jaganath. There were hundreds of people pulling the rath and enjoying.


They had different booths in the festival place and they were organized by ISKCON. They had booth for the book stall, gopi dots, Sunday school, temple and vegetarian feast. They had Kirtans, dance, flute, drums. My friends Anaka, Rohan, Praneel and Praneet came with their families to see my dance program. Some of our relatives who came from US also came to see the Rath Yatra and my dance.


I love eat Krishna Prasad. I ate Halwa, Kari, Rice with Sabji and Dokla. It was so..tasty. . Even though the Prasad line was long I got it without standing in the line because I was dancing like ‘Krishna’ the supreme God. I ate it fast as it was time to line up for my dance.

I dressed up as Krishna. I wore a doti, chains and necklace, bracelets, gopi dots and tilak and two peacock feathers, a beautiful garland and flute and did two dances. Every Sunday Morning and Afternoon we practiced the dance with my friends at ISKCON Brampton. We worked hard to give an excellent performance.


First was ‘Yosamati nandan’ I danced as Krishna with nine gopis. I did Rasa leela with the gopis as I came to the stage with my flute  and started to dance in a circle with them and as soon as the gopis got up I disappeared  from there and appeared in front of them. Then we danced Kaliya Mardan and I was dancing in the middle and gopis were dancing in a circle.

Second dance was ‘ I’m a devotee of Krishna’ with   three boys and two girls .And this I danced without my flute. This is a dance that tells what we have to follow to be a real devotee of Krishna.  Every one took Pictures with us and I had lot of fun and extremely excited.

I want to thank my dance teachers who taught me how to dance. And want to thank my mom, grandmother, prabhu ji and mataji for dressing me as Krishna and making this as one of the best Rath Yathra for me, our family and all our friends. Jai Shree Krishna.


Vaishnavi Dilipan

Grade 2 Student

H.F Loughin Public school

Teacher: Ms. Coats