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We went to desert safari in Dubai.  We went in a SUV.  We went on desert roads. When we were on the desert roads Mukil anna showed us a camel I was so happy to see a camel Then we played rock paper scissors after a while we got out of the car.

 Then we went on a bike.  We had a lot of fun the bike.  My mom and I saw a camel I wanted to take a picture of it but it was too far away to take on .we peted a camel.  Mukil anna and I got some rani juice I got an orange and Mukil anna got mango rani juice. We saw a falcon you had to pay ten DHS (Dhirams) to take a picture with it. Then we peted the camel.  It’s nose was so wet and cold.  After that we went back into the car.

Then we went on the sand in the desert. This was my first experience to see and be in the desert. It was the best.  The car slide on the mountains. We jumped up in the car I was so happy to during the sand blast. We got out of the car again my dad took a lot of  pictures . Mukil anna and I ran on the mountains  and  it was very hard to get back up but we made it. I was extremely happy to play with my Mukil anna on the mountains.

Then we went to the camp.  At camp we had some snacks. We saw a man eating fire! He had gasoline in his mouth! He spited fire from his mouth like a fireman!  I was so astonished seeing him, we saw a magician his magic tricks were amazing, we saw belly dance the most famous dance of Dubai. Then my dad took me and my mom for henna. Then we had dinner. We washed our hands. DSC_0836[1]The henna came out very good. We ate our dinner. We went on a camel ride.  The funniest and scary part was when the camel stood up and sat down. DSC_0851[1]Then a man took a DSC_0853[1]picture of us. I named the camel  Krishna and peted Krishna we went to the car.

I was so tired that I slept in the car and dreamed about the wonderful trip I had. You can find my pictures and videos good luck for find ing my pictures and videos you can watch my videos on

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