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Our  family went to the parade. First we stood in a line. After a while it was our turn and I correctly put the bean bags in the net  that had different shapes. I won a Tattoo !  We saw a big Dinosaur cave and we went inside it and next we saw a super man and my Dad took a picture with him.

Next we saw a magic show inside the Gage park. In the magic show the first trick we saw a hat inside of the that,  and then came a beautiful cloth. The next trick we saw was the joker, put the cloth down and then a shoe appeared .We all told that he removed his shoe.  He showed his foot, as we all told to show his other foot.  Then he showed us and the shoe was there too.  It was a magic trick.

              The next trick we saw was a bag, he asked “Alex” the lion to pick someone to check the bag.  He picked a girl. What we saw inside the bag was a beautiful and colorful cloth.  But the joker said there was nothing inside and the girl said yes and gave to the lion “Alex”.  Then he told the girl to check again. So she checked again and the joker said there was nothing.  But she took his under wear from the bag.  All of us laughed.  The joker tried to put it in to the bag but he couldn’t .  So he asked the girl to put the underwear in the bag and she did.  Joker asked to give hi-fi to him and the lion “Alex” and she did and we all the children were excited.

            The next trick we saw was the joker asking the lion “Alex” to pick someone who is brave and he did.  Joker said he has to test him and asked the boy if he is scared of Lion, Crocodile, Tiger and Ice cream.  We all laughed. Who in the world will be scared of Ice cream.  Boy answered “No” to all. Then he tied a scarf on him and he pulled it. He pulled two times the scarf didn’t come and third time it did.           

                 The next trick we saw was the joker asking the lion “Alex” to pick someone .So he did. The joker gave the girl a magic Wong. He had a coloring book in his hand. He told the Girl to shake the Wong. After the Wong was shook  and he told us to blow and after we blew then the  coloring book was  all colored. Next he told the Girl to shake the Wong again. So she did.  And he told us to blow, so we did it  and the pictures in the coloring book  were all erased. Next the joker told the girl to shake the Wong again and she did it and the joker told us to blow and so we did it and all the pictures in the coloring book appeared .Next we all did some Dancing moves with “Alex” and the joker.

                Next  we went to drawing place. There  kids were drawing. One Adult  saw me and gave me a big paper and then she wrapped it with a band around it. And also she gave me a string. From there we went to next booth and it was also a drawing place. I got a paper and made a spinning wheel with lot of glitters and drawings.

                   Next we went to huge slide and did the slide. First I was little bit afraid and after that it was exciting for me and then I stood in the line and  did the slide again. Then I did Rock wall climbing, but could climb only half the wall, but it was fun having all the Rock climbing equipment.  Next I played with Bean bags, Lemon and Spoon and then did have fun with another big slide and had a Freeze.

            After all the fun we had in the gage park ,we rushed to find a good place to sit and enjoy the parade. There we saw a table, two Suns, two hot air balloons, two flower pots walking. Then we saw a Mickey Mouse , Blue monster and he gave me a hi-fi. Then I saw lot of kids dancing and doing Marshall arts and we saw people doing Punjabi dance.  Next came  all the princess in a car .Then we saw people from ISCKON temple  dancing and chanting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. Then we saw a police car and Fire truck and an ambulance doing Parade, and the police gave me a Garland .I liked that. I saw soldiers marching and Finally a BIG COOKIE MONSTER came and it was too good to see that. After all the fun we came home with a beautiful pin from Brampton flower city.



                                                                                                                  Vaishnavi Dilipan

                                                                                                                 Grade 1,

                                                                                                                  H.F Loughlin  P.S    

PN:-  This article was published in “Asian Connection News Paper” and you will also able to see the printed version in Published Articles page.